At Berschler Associates, PC our law firm help clients obtain a positive resolution to serious injury and wrongful death claims; as well as U.S. Coast Guard matters. Much of our work involves maritime claims, torts claims against the state and federal government, and injuries taking place on ships, boats or on waterways. These kinds of injury claims involve a number of specific considerations. In order to achieve a favorable result in your case, your lawyer must be able to anticipate and account for these considerations. The attorneys at Berschler Associates, PC have more than 42 years of legal experience successfully representing clients in a broad range of personal injury claims. We represent clients throughout the United States and abroad. We have litigated or are currently litigating cases in California, Washington State, Gulf Coast states (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama), New York, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Our firm has obtained results for injured mariners, seafarers, commercial fishermen, maritime workers, cruise ship passengers and recreational boaters located across the United States and around the world, as well as in California waterways and lakes, such as the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the San Francisco Bay, and all along the Central Coast and Northern Coast of California. In sum, our firm is prepared to help you through the often arduous legal process to obtain full compensation for your injuries and losses.


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