Severe Injury and Wrongful Death on Government Property Attorneys

If you have been injured or your family member had a wrongful death due to a dangerous condition of public property or the negligence of a government employee in California, you will have to sue the involved county or agency in order to obtain money damages. At Berschler Associates, PC, attorney Arnold I. Berschler has achieved successful results suing the State of California, as well as city and county governments and agencies. Berschler ASssicoates, PC represents clients across California.

Please be aware that suing the government is not like suing an individual or business. You must follow a number of specific procedures in order to guarentee that you have the opportunity to recover full monetary damages. Before you can sue any governmental body or employee in the State of California, you must first make a claim for damages with the proper agency. Your claim must be filed within six months from the date of your injury-accident; otherwise, you may be barred from claiming or suing. The claim form must include a variety of specific information. Each agency has its own forms. If you have missed the six month deadline, special procedures must be followed to restore your right to make a claim. Our law firm will help you prepare your claim in the most effective manner possible. If the six month claim period has passed, we knows the procedures available to restore the right to claim.

The governmental agency is required to accept or reject your claim within 45 days of receiving it; although agencies often take longer. In most cases, your claim will be rejected. You will be eligible to sue the governmental body when your claim is rejected or if it is not acted upon 45 days after you have filed.

As a result, it is very important that you act quickly to protect your rights. At Berschler Associates, PC, we have the experience and knowledge which is necessary to prosecute claims against the State of California, local governments and agencies.

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