Offering Effective Representation to People Injured on California Waterways and Lakes

Boating is a source of relaxation and recreation for people throughout California waters. However, many boats are large, and capable of traveling at high speeds. Negligence on the part of a boat operator can lead to serious, lasting injuries. If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one on a lake, river or waterway in California, you need to be aware that your injury claim is likely to involve many specific issues that not every personal injury attorney will know necessarily.

At Berschler Associates, PC, attorney Arnold I. Berschler and our experienced staff have successfully represented thousands of clients who have suffered injuries while on the water. Our law firm is able to represent people who have been injured on any waterway in California, including:

• Clear Lake
• Lake Berryessa
• Shasta Lake
• Monterey Bay
• San Francisco Bay
• Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta
• Sacramento River
• San Joaquin River
• California Central Coast
• Morro Bay
• San Luis Obispo
• Pismo Beach
• Santa Barbara

Our law firm has litigated a number of cases involving people who have been injured on lakes and waterways in the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta from Stockton, California to Discovery Bay. Attorney Arnold I. Berschler has more than 37 years of legal experience, and has a complete understanding of the various factors involved in maritime injury litigation. For instance, state and federal law each have different statutes of limitation for injuries that take place on the water. Your damages are likely to be calculated differently.

One measure of our firm’s success in these types of cases is the number of personal injury attorneys who refer cases involving maritime injuries to us. You can be certain that our law firm will undertake a complete investigation of the facts of your case, hire qualified experts to prove and quantify your injuries and damages, and present a persuasive case in negotiations and, when necessary, at trial.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on a navigable waterway, call or e-mail our California maritime and admiralty law attorney to set up a consultation. Arnold I. Berschler will either answer your call immediately or return your call within 24 hours. The consultation is free. In personal injury, wrongful death and/or maintenance and cure cases, we offer contingency fees (no attorneys fees upfront).

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