California Jet Ski Accident and Boat Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a recreational boat accident, be advised that your lawyer cannot treat your case as though it is a run-of-the-mill personal injury case. Boat accidents are different than accidents that take place on land for a number of reasons. If your lawyer is not fully aware of these very real differences, there is a strong chance you will not recover full compensation for your injuries. At Berschler Associates, PC, attorney Arnold I. Berschler and our staff have served many people who have been severely injured in all types of recreational boat accident and death claims, including claims involving:

• Motor boats
• Sailing boats
• Jet boats
• Water Skis
• Jet Skis
• Surfboards
• Sailboards
• Houseboats
• Yachts
• Inflatable craft
• Boat propellers

There is a vast difference between how the law treats boat accidents and shoreside personal injury claims. For instance, there are different laws of liability and measurements of damages. The statute of limitations is different for other injury claims in many cases. In addition, it can matter greatly whether a case is filed in state court or federal court. California’s approach to controlling vessels upon its waters combine both unique laws with laws that mimic the federal Inland Navigation Rules, such as the Inland Rules of the Road. When an injury accident involving a recreational or other pleasure boat occurs upon “navigable waters” of California, Admiralty (maritime) law applies and that case may wind up in federal court with no right to trial by jury, if the victim’s lawyer is unaware of the applicable rules and laws. At Berschler Associates, PC, we have substantial experience litigating at both the state and the federal level, and are fully prepared to forcefully deal with all of the issues that are unique to these cases.

Another key to achieving success for people who have been injured in boating accidents is to enlist the services of experienced and knowledgeable experts to provide testimony as to both liability and damages. Attorney Arnold I. Berschler has been a litigator for more than 37 years, and has employed hundreds of esteemed experts in a variety of fields.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on a navigable waterway, call or e-mail our California maritime and admiralty law attorney to set up a consultation. Arnold I. Berschler will either answer your call immediately or return your call within 24 hours. The consultation is free. In personal injury, wrongful death and/or maintenance and cure cases, we offer contingency fees (no attorneys fees upfront).

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