U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential or Merchant Mariner Document Suspension and Revocation Defense Attorney

You just received a notice from an Investigative Officer of the USCG concerning your alleged misconduct, drug test failure or refusal to test or other deficiency. One District claims a 100% success rate in S & R proceedings. What is your next move? Consider yourself in litigation with the Coast Guard. Remember the saying: “A merchant mariner who represents him/herself has a fool for an attorney.” Knowing the procedural rules, the history of Administrative Law Judge Decisions clarifying the application of Code of Federal Regulations, as well as understanding the approach of USCG Investigations units is crucial to achieving the best result. Berschler Associates, PC has successfully defended licensed and unlicensed mariners for decades. Get answers. Get control. Get peace of mind. Call or e-mail Coast Guard license defense lawyer Arnold Berschler. The first consultation is free. 800 338 1441.

Certain criminal convictions or misconduct can put your MMC or other document or license at risk, even if you were not under Shipping Articles or aboard at the time of the alleged violation.

The U. S. Coast Guard receives records of driving under the influence (DUI or DWI) convictions constantly from state authorities. The shipping companies report all loggings for alleged misconduct to the Coast Guard. Maritime employers report all refusals to test for drugs and alcohol, even when applying for work. In every case, our goal will be to prevent professional damage to your reputation and loss or suspension of your license or document.

Certain marine casualties cause the Coast Guard to prosecute privileges to sail for involved mariners. The U.S. Coast Guard may refer certain criminal conduct aboard vessels to the U. S. Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

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